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Listen to the Tao

Idris Lahore

lu par Dhyana Clara

durée 43 minutes

To find happiness and harmony in your life with the Tao's wisdom help.

Its practice is the key for "a life worth living".

The Tao is the universal principle, the absolute Truth, the Absolute and Unique from which all is born. The Tao includes all and every thing. Each thing includes the Tao.

The Sage follows the Tao, the Way. After having heard, studied, meditated and understood its universal principles, he practises them and in every thing he sees the sign of the Tao.

Harmony: When the right persons are gathered at the right time and at the right place, Harmony can exist. To give and to receive...

Quietness: Calm is born form Order: the chaos gets organized and becomes cosmos... Men and woman are respecting each other and realize each one his own nature...

Love is this unifying force coming from the celestial depth and spread through the whole Creation...

Beauty is the force which shapes the world... It is the force which shapes the heart of the man of the Way and manifests in the end in his appearance...

Truth: True observation is only possible when attention is focused and when analysis, judgement and convenience have left space to contemplation...

(c) Fonds Selim Aïssel

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